Boho Yo-Yo Necklace Tutorial

5 inches of 14g wire
15 inches of 24g wire
5 buttons of your choice
5 Fabric Yo-Yos (available here! Jewelry Accord)
4- Brass 4mm jump rings
Chain cut to your favorite length
Clasp of your choice.

Tools needed: Chain nose pliers, flush cutters, flat nose pliers, bench block, hammer, Euro metal hole punch

1. Form a slight curve in the piece of 14g wire. Hammer it flat along the whole thing, flaring out the ends of the wire more-so than the rest, so that you can punch holes in each end.

2.  I used the hole punch to also start a hole at the center of the fabric yo-yos, making it a bit easier to thread the wire through. Cut the 24g wire into  5 sections, each 3 inches long. Bend the wire in half, thread the two ends through the front of the button, down through the center of the yo-yo. 

3. Starting at one end of the 14g wire, place a yo-yo up against the wire, with the 2- 24gwires on each side of the 14g wire curve. Wrap one tail around the 14g wire 3-4 times, out toward the hole at the end.  Wrap the other tail around the wire 3 times towards the center of the 14g wire. Trim the excess wire at the underneath of the yo-yo so that it won't rub on the skin when worn.

4. Repeat step 3 using the remaining wires, buttons and yo-yo's. You may have to overlap the yo-yo's a bit so that all 5 will fit on your wire form.

5. Attach a jump ring to each end of the 14g wire form, and attach your chain.  Using the remaining 2 jump rings, attach your clasp at the back of the necklace.