Focus On Life: Week 4

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I have a lot of photographs to show here today so I'm going to keep this brief!  I am participating in the Focus on Life photo challenge, put on by the lovely and talented Sally Russick.  You can view all of the participants posts by clicking over there to Sally's blog.  But wait. Don't leave yet! Please take a gander at my project for this week.

The prompt:  CREATE Art!

This was an easy one for me! I have been dreaming about making this project come true, for several months now. I saw the idea on Pinterest, of course. The place where dreams are made. ha!  I just loved idea and so, I ran over to Hobby Lobby and bought about $75 of supplies. I know. Kinda crazy but I didn't have anything. No paint. No brushes. Nothing to mix paint on. No Canvas. Had to buy it all, and the price added up quickly but I got 2 canvases and hope to do another one soon!

I chose a quote from a Johnny Cash song. My husband looooves Johnny Cash. We loved the movie Walk the Line and this ended up being a nice gift for him.

"Because You're mine, I walk the line"  Seems perfect to me, to have painted lines showing when the letters are removed. I used vinyl re-positional letters from Staples.

This step took about an hour. By the time I was at the end of the canvas I really stinkin bored of making stripes.  For my next painting, I may do something a bit more free-form. :)

After the paint was dry, I stuck on the vinyl stickers.  And then painted over the whole canvas with Titanium white paint. I loved the cross hatching paint and I went over the letters and kept that nice pattern as I finished the canvas. It took a good hour and a half to fully dry.

Using an exacto knife, I carefully lifted the corners of the letters, and pulled each one off, revealing the stripes beneath. It could not have been a more awesome outcome.

It's hanging in my living room. I can't wait to dip my hands in the paint again. Thank you Sally for getting my ass in gear to do something non-jewelry related for a change. It was so good for my soul!