happy sunday

Lots of new work in my stores today! Be sure to check out both shops! I had a fun couple of days in the studio.

Today I'm taking a time out to go to the movies with Joey. We're seeing Silver Linings Playbook. i'm excited, it looks amazing. :)  Now I just have to figure out how to enjoy a movie WITHOUT a huge bag of popcorn/snacks.


  1. Anonymous1/20/2013

    That movie does look really good! Large tote bag, bring your own low fat popcorn or snacks and water. ;) -Jodi

  2. Some real nice old beads in your pieces. All very nice.

  3. Anonymous1/20/2013

    love those pod earrings a lot and I love the colours in your necklace

  4. Hope the film was good! Those Still Point Works earrings are my faves.

  5. What is it about movie theaters that makes a person so hungry for junk food, must be the smell of the popccorn or something? Somehow no matter what I have eaten before I go, I'm hungry once I'm there, lol. Love those earrings, those beads are amazing!

  6. All the color coming out of your studio is so eye-catching! I do love me some bright, bold color and you've got it going on over here!
    Yeah, movie theaters are a weakness for me and my diet. I've considered taking a sensible snack in my purse, but we end up deciding to go as a last minute decision and there's never enough time to be sensible. WHY does sensible require so much preparation!? Aaannnd now I want popcorn. sigh.


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