Happy New Year

Lots of exciting things will be in store for us for 2013! I don't tend to make a lot of resolutions that I know I can't keep but cheers to not stressing out about the Fiscal Cliff.... and not stressing in general.
Cheers to a nice solid, steady business in 2013! Cheers to my sister who is getting married this June!
Cheers hopefully to losing a little unwanted weight in '13! and Hoping to be pregnant at some point in '13 too!

On the 8th Day of Christmas, I opened up some pretty handmade beads from Renetha Staziano!
These are made from Polymer clay and I really love the greens and pinks that Renetha chose to send me! Thank you R!! These are lovely!!

For Group 2, I received these pretty beaded napkin rings from Erin Prais-Hintz!! What a clever idea!! Thank you Erin!

And I also wanted to show you what I did with Kristi's components that I opened up yesterday! I created this bracelet using the copper components with some double drilled ceramic beads from Elaine Ray! Loving how it turned out!