Letter Writing Kit

Ever since we were at Joe's Mom's for Christmas, I had been wanting to get  a package off in the mail to my niece Alexandra. A little letter writing kit.  While we were home, Joe's Mom showed me a letter that Alex had hand-written to her, a FULL page of a letter, telling her how much she loves her Grandma and how excited she was to be going over to her house that night, etc etc. I was impressed at her handwriting, her spelling was impeccable, and I got a warm fuzzy feeling that she wrote this at her young age of 8. or is she 9 now? I forget. But anyway, it reminded me of my Aunt C. C and I used to exchange letters quite a bit when I was younger, and all through my time at college too.  She always instilled in me the importance of keeping in touch through letter writing.  And now, I finally am looking back and appreciating that about her.  I remember as a kid, going with her to Ithaca, where we would hit up all the stationary stores and stock up on stickers and papers for our letters. It was always a fun trip and I look forward to possibly taking Alex to Hallmark or something next time we get together!

I want to have this same experience with my niece. So I have put together a sweet little box of goodies and will be mailing it off to her this weekend.  Here's what I included....

Baseball stamps were not my first choice but were all they really had at my post office. I may have better luck getting cuter ones online.

 I found this sweet hinged box at Michael's craft store. It has some pretty flowers and butterflies on the outside, forgot to photograph it. The lid is magnetic.

I included a fun bubble pen for Alex, but then found one with soccer balls for Max, and sent that along with some soccer stickers in case he wants to join in on the fun!
Also got some cute cards and envelopes and a little pad of paper in case she fills up a card and needs some extra room!

 Lots of fun stickers to decorate the envelopes an cards. I was thrilled to have found those Gymnastic stickers, as Alex is a real Gymnast these days.

I do hope that she grasps the idea of letter writing and that I get some mail soon! It's always nice to receive mail that isn't bills.

I wrote a note to her explaining the purpose, and explained how to address an envelope correctly.  Who knows, she may already know these things!! I may be quite surprised!

Hopefully we can get her down off the balance beam long enough to sit down and write a note to her favorite Auntie. :)