One Room Down

YAHOOOOOOO!!! I am so happy to announce that the guest room is now clean!  Remember the other day when I showed you this pic?


Well over the past few days I've been going in there for a little while each time as to not get totally overwhelmed. I bagged up many many clothes, and things and took an entire car FULL load to the salvation army today. I reorganized the closet too so that I could get my bins of summer clothes back in there comfortably. What a nice feeling just to be able to walk into the room/closet without hopping over things!? 

My sister asked me today: "HOW do you let it get this bad!?"  I wish I knew the answer to that! I think it has to do with the poor space in which I have to keep seasonal clothing. I have great closets but for some reason they don't flow so that I can take bins out and switch them easily. And the last time that happened, I took bins out and they never landed back into the closet and then I cleaned out my bedroom closet and the piles just kept getting bigger and bigger!
Yesterday as I was cleaning out the closet, I stumbled upon my flute. Even stood and played a few notes, tried out some sheet music to see how much I remember. I was pleased that I remember most of the finger positions but it was more of an issue remembering how to keep the air flow into it so I sounded a Hot Mess. But it's okay. I miss it and maybe some day I can get back into taking some lessons.

On to the room!
Please excuse the dark photos- these were from my phone and this room is on the side of the house that gets no sun.  

Now I just need some overnight guests!!!