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Happy Monday ya'all. I know I have been such a slacker on the blog lately, especially when it comes to posting every day.... so this week's goal is to post something each day. I promise to try my best. On the weekends it feels a little harder since the cats have me pretty distracted.  I am also sorry that I wasn't able to contribute to the Focusing on Life photo challenge this weekend. Monochromatic had me stumped.

Thought I would share some more featured ads today.... You will definitely want to check all of these great shops out! Happy Shopping!

Heather Wynn Millican of Swoon Dimples lives in Florida and creates some really fantastic polymer clay components featuring quotes and words. I just love them!! She is also one of the most talented jewelry designers on the planet- I have several of her original pieces and love each one dearly!

Beads, Birds and Bones is a relatively new shop on the art bead scene!  I love the rustic quality of Julie Rowe's ceramic beads and components. She also does some really unique pieces like the bones! You just never know when you might need a BONE!

Lesley Watt of TheaToo creates components using bronze metal clay. She recently started coloring the metal and the results are so fun! Check out her new house pendants and flowers! I just love Lesley's work, everything is really unique and well-made and her orders ship very quickly even though she ships from the UK!

Marsha Neal Studio is another fantastic ceramic bead shop but Marsha is doing some really awesome terranium pieces lately and offers a wide range of gorgeous silk fibers for your beading/jewelry pleasure!  I'm sure you had to have seen Marsha's work before especially at all the big bead shows.


  1. Happy Monday
    Thanks for sharing the esty stores. I really like Bird Beads n Bones.


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