Focusing on Life: Flowers

I apologize.
I'm a a day late to the party, but
in my defense, it was the Mister's birthday
and well, we were just too busy celebrating
no. 42! 

This week, we are studying the art of Flowers.
Lucky for me, I got some tulips and a small
potted Rose plant for Valentine's!

I had fun altering the images using PicMonkey. But
the last image was just too cool to fuss with.

Get a closer look when clicking each image.

Click over to Sally's Blog
to see this weeks Participants in
the photography challenge!


  1. Better late than never! I like to altered images, but i love he last one! Sorry PicMonkey!!

  2. I too am late to the party (feeling under the weather has drained my creative strength). We'll just say were are fashionably late! ;) Great photos, especially the third one. Beautiful colors and composition.

  3. Roses and tulips, aren't you the lucky one. These are beautiful photos but the last one especially is fantastic. You've got the new camera, right? Nikon D3100? That's what I've got an wowser, do you ever get great depth of field like in that photo. Happy belated birthday to the Mister.

  4. how lovely to get a mix of flowers for Valentine's Day! Really gorgeous pictures of those tulips ... like the feathering of color to the edges - so soft and feminine

  5. Great pics Lorelei. I can almost smell your tulips through the screen.

  6. Very pretty! Check out my blog today for photos of tulips that I altered on pixlromatic and percolator! It's so fun playing isn't it?

  7. Enjoy your Valentine treasures. They are fantastic, and so are the photos you took of them.

  8. I'm late commenting Lorelei so it evens everything out! LOL! Beautiful shots and I love the processing you did with the photo of the rose, it makes the rose come to life!


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