Let me Introduce you to my Leetle Friends

Joe and I found the most gorgeous brother cats at a local shelter. Spring Farm Cares, is a wonderful no-kill animal shelter, that takes wonderful care of all of their animals. They  had a mother cat come in with a bite wound several months ago and she was pregnant. She had a huge litter of kittens and they were quarantined til December to make sure they didn't have rabies. We were able to choose from 4 remaining kittens, all named after Pastas.  Gemellini (the only girl left), and three boys, Rotini, Buca, and Orzo.  We both needed to get another cat. The loss of Marley has been hard on both of us, me especially.  I've always been a firm believer that new love will always help heal the heart and I could not have been more right. I have found true loves with two of the boys.

We brought home Orzo and Rotini, both very outgoing and playful kittens while in the shelter. They are about 8 months old now, and are pretty much the size that Marley was!  They are both jet black with golden yellow eyes. I was afraid at first that I would not know how to tell them apart but their personalities definitely help with that.

Here is Rotini, which we have decided to call Cassius Clay. Or Cash for short. Not only after a pretty cool boxer, inspiration, Hero.... Mohammed Ali, but also Cash after a current favorite, Johnny Cash.

He is full of Piss and Vinegar. Has been racing through the house, so happy to be able to run like the wind. (See bottom left photo in collage) He's inquisitive, into lots of trouble, really pushing boundaries. He's responding well to our training with the squirt bottle to keep him off the dining room table.  He's also quite a lover, always purring at the slightest touch. He's curled up next to me on the desk at this moment and gets a little nervous when I leave the room. He's been eating like a champ and is quite good at using the litter box.  He's great at trying his hardest to get his brother to warm up to their new digs.

Meet Orzo -who we've decided to name dJango after the newest Quentin Tarentino flick, dJango Unchained. He's also gorgeous and jet black but has a tiny bit of white on his chest. I was thankful for this easy identifier.   When we got to the house yesterday afternoon, he went running as soon as I opened the carrier and parked himself firmly under the couch. We lured him out a few times where he was checking things out but very very shy and skiddish. He's still extremely unsure of his new surroundings but each hour is getting a little better.

He's not eating much but I have seen him use the box so that's a good sign. I'm trying hard not to be pushy but have had to lure him out of hiding a few times. Right now he's in a box in my studio.  He is hesitant but lovey when I get him out and about. He's been purring and allowing me to pet him little by little. He really loves to play and has been caught playing with his brother for a few seconds at a time. I think he'll warm up to us in no time.

I miss Marley every day. But I feel like these guys are a nice distraction to the pain and I am welcoming that right now.