New Acquisition!

Let me introduce you to Richelle, of ShipWreckDandy- she creates jewelry and also has a very cool line of beads that she offers up for sale in a supply shop ShipWreckDandySupply. I am very excited that I will be getting a set of these multi-color faceted. Yea, I'm sure you've seen faceted chunky beads before, in all types of materials, polymer ceramic, etc. But have you seen anything like THESE!? where the facets are DIFFERENT colors? It's amazing. I'm still sitting her wracking my brain trying to figure out how the heck she does it!? yanno what? I don't care. They are hella cool.

She also does solid colors like these awesome mint green beads!

Yea you better go check out her shop, and contact her if they aren't available, cuz she'll make em for ya.