Egg Hunt

How about an egg hunt eh?  I just hid 4 easter eggs on my blog with coupon codes for 20, 30, 40, and 50% off of jewelry purchases from my online shops.  (not valid on clasps or tin components) 

Search and find the eggs, and use the coupon codes to celebrate the Easter weekend! 

Valid ONE coupon per Customer per purchase!

In other words, if you find a coupon, you may use it one time for one purchase. if you find all 4 coupons, you may only use ONE coupon for each purchase. Please Do not use one coupon multiple times.  

Happy Hunting!

Coupon codes will expire Monday April 1st.


  1. very nice of you!! I will just hunt for the fun of it.. Like i did on Lima beads.. lol

  2. Egg-cellent idea, Lorelei! Love it!


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