Friday Favorites

 Mixed Tagua Nuts
These would be great for this month's Art Bead Scene challenge. Check out the painting this month!

Vintage Condom Tin *no joke!!
I love the peacock but this pricey little tin is $42!

I am shopping around to update my Etsy shop banner, and I just love
the bright teal of this one from BrandSense

Always looking for new Hoop art to add to my collection.
I bet Mr. Eurto would like this one! 

I wonder if Shitbird 1 and Shitbird 2 could fit in here together?

Aren't these Tagua Nut Buttons so cute?! I love the funky shape,
and could imagine a bunch of them strung into a bracelet.
These are from EcoBeadsTagua

These New Diane Hawkey charms are to die for! I love the way she attached the big wire on top of the hearts, and of course they feature words which is always a fun way to tell a story in your jewelry!
Check them out in Diane's Etsy shop, DianeHawkey


  1. Anonymous3/08/2013

    Love these picks! Thanks for sharing with us. Pennie

  2. Fantastic picks. I love the tagua buttons and that cat bed is adorable.

  3. Hi!
    That Cat bed is on my etsy registry for miss Twinkle!! So cool right?
    Also, I have some wall art also on my etsy registry from the same seller.
    We are so sisters <3


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