Paint It!

I took out my DoraBeth Designs beads that I got from Bead Fest last year. Okay Okay, so I hoarded them awhile. (click that link to learn more about the story behind the beads! )

 I used one of the bird pendants and decided to take the advice of Antelope Beads found, Laura Bittner. She told me that I could color the metal using either the Patina Inks or even that awesome Gilder's paste! I picked out some of my Ranger Patina Inks from Vintaj and gave it a whirl!

It couldn't have been easier! I just used a paint brush and the inks, painted the ink on in the pendants already crevaced areas. After it dried, I buffed it a bit with the sanding block to bring out the shine of the raised lines.  I am happy with how it came out and of course, immediately beaded a design around it!

You can buy many different pendants and beads by DoraBeth Designs at Antelope beads- they have a great, GINORMOUS selection of fun designs to work with and I think a lot of them lend well to this coloring technique! This is a great way to personalize a pendant!