Resin Bauble Slider Challenge

So, yesterday, I'm at Michael's getting some beading wire. The clearance sections were huge, so I start looking at beads, which leads me to looking at other beads. Then, I run across these.

My first thought was, Oooooooo look at those gorgeous colors! Then I thought Oooooooo what the heck IS IT?  Looking into it, I found that they are actually cool slider bars, and there are 3 to a package. They are nice and light-weight because they're RESIN! They have plated gold on the backside. I picked up a package of the teal and also one with purple. These are the only 2 colors I saw in the store.  Here's a peek at the back:

Interesting eh?  So I think we're due for a little Michael's challenge, whatdoyasay??  If you want, go to your local Michael's and pick up any color of these sliders you like, create something fabulous with them, and we'll show the final reveal in a few weeks! Sound good?

I wish I had gotten more, and I might go back for a few more packs. I think they'll be so cool - a bunch of them used together in a piece. And this week by the way, Michael's has all of their Bead Gallery beads at 50% off!!  
But for the purpose of the challenge, you have to at least use 1 pack. I can't wait to see what people do with them. 

Here are the details:

You must have a blog to participate.  (Don't have a blog? Learn how to start one using my easy ebook - it's for sale here!) 

 I am picking a fairly early reveal date for this challenge,  March 27th.

Keep this in mind when commenting- if you feel that you won't be able to create something in 2 weeks, you may not want to participate in the giveaway. International peeps- If you can get your hands on these, please feel free to play along.

On that date, we will blog about our final designs, and include links to all participants. Please make sure you get your blog links to me by March 26. so that I can distribute them to all of the participants.

Use your IMAGINATIONS! Come up with something NEW! Stretch your skills, think outside the box, and come up with something no one has done before! If it doesn't work out, that's fine!  I think there are so many options with this type of component- wire wrap them together, string them with beads, use them in 3 different pieces,  use ribbon! Use cording! Create a pendant using the sliders- layer them with other things!  Do something FUN and CREATIVE! And trust your FIRST instincts!

If you are wanting to join in, go ahead and leave your comment now. I will announce the participants on Thursday morning, yep, that's TOMORROW.