Round Rabbit Update today at Noon!

Be sure to check out Nancy's update today at Noon at Round Rabbit Extra- she's posting some new pendants, including these lovelies! Wow! Can you believe how awesome these are? These have my sister Franny written all over them. (check out her new blog by the way!)

Here's a tip for shopping Nancy's updates. Pendants sell FAST. No I'm serious. Like if you don't stalk the shop, and refresh refresh refresh the page, you'll miss them!  Head on over to her business page on Facebook and she'll give you a heads up when each type of pendant is being listed. I swear this is sometimes the only way to get the goods! If you know what time the hearts are going up, you'll be able to refresh your screen and drop things in your cart as soon as they land in the shop!!

Good luck!


  1. OMG I LOVE THOSE PENDANTS!! Ha! You called that one!~

  2. Hi Lori, been away for a while but coming back to this is like a breath of fresh air. Fantastic, I love them:)

  3. Just wanted you to know:- the link to Nancy's FB actually goes to Franny's blog. The other two links are OK.


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