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Joe had to do some work for school today so I found myself in the studio even though it's technically my day off. I found that I was extremely motivated and inspired and created some new toggles and a few new pieces of jewelry.

I just love how they turned out!  This first one features an etched washer from Divine Spark Design. Jenny sent these to me and since I can't do my own etching, (maybe someday.) I decided to use them in this new "shadowbox" design!

I even tried out one of Vintaj Brass Co.'s hammered toggle rings! It worked out well too!

And Also tried it with just a simple hammered copper washer. A bit thinner, but still pretty cool!

And then, I pulled out the Silver. Yep. Bravely cut out washer shaped components and stamped them with some text, and even did all the oxidizing and buffing myself. Impressive eh?? Those ended up in finished jewelry!

I thought they both paired quite well with some of Kylie Parry's ceramic pieces, an owl and a whale.

Anyhoo, lots of fun was had today! These pieces are available at Etsy and the toggles are for sale in my webstore. Happy Shopping!


  1. Etching is piece of cake! You should try it!

  2. Fantastic pieces!

  3. Love these etched pieces! And your designs with them!

  4. You've really hit your creative spark!

  5. Super nice all of it! :-)

  6. Absolutely adore the toggle ring!

    Belcho USA


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