Tip: Small Hole beads with Leather

While assembling this bracelet today, I was working along like I usually do. Not really thinking ahead, and not planning it out ahead of time. No sketching. Just grabbing materials....leather cord..... focal charm..... beads..... and then I hit the brick wall. When I realized that the holes in these Indonesian Glass seed beads would NOT fit the leather cording I had chosen.  (and mind you. i had already knotted one end, and trimmed it to length before making this realization)

Not to worry!! When situations like this come up, just knot the beads onto the leather with linen cording!! Voila!  Using a simple macrame knot, I just strung the glass beads onto the linen and knotted around the cording. You can learn this technique in our book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry!


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