Business talk


Thanks for all of your comments yesterday,  I got a lot of great insight!  Makes total sense that I keep my name for my business. I am going to do that.  Maybe start thinking about a logo, or some identifying style for my website.  Having a jewelry business is easy but really, getting down the nitty gritty of keeping things fresh and exciting, and branding oneself, is the hardest part of the whole thing. I feel like I am always constantly thinking about how to do it right, and it really takes a lot of time and effort to make the right choices for a successful business. Making jewelry is the easy part!

I'm thinking that I may try to consolidate a little. Combine the jewelry accord shop and the tin snippets together on Etsy. Ditch the destash shop. And then keep a few things on Etsy for traffic but move the majority of my jewelry to a separate website.  So here's the hard part. What do I call the combined supply shop. I talked to Lori Anderson for a while last night and she suggested I keep my name as part of the title of that new shop.  She also offered up a lot of great advice from tips on buying domain names and forwarding these to one particular place, be it my shop or website or whatever.  She also had some great advice for my blog, about link colors- something I didn't even think about before. And also suggested I put some info on the bottom of each post so that if someone lands on a specific post, they won't have to search everywhere for shop links.  So I'll be trying my new signature on this post. Let me know what you think!

Transferring the blog to the new site is a scary concept for me after I have been at Blogger for several years now. The only issue I have with embedding the blog from blogger to the new site is that people can't leave comments! That's a bummer.  I wouldn't want people to have to click link, go to blogger, to leave a comment there. It's too much work. So at this point, I'm thinking the blog will have to stay put.  Lori was also telling me that I could redirect my blog address to an easier to remember URL like so I'll be looking into doing that.  I'm sure Lorelei1141 isn't always the easiest to remember when searching for my blog online.

So now the big decision is stay at shopify? or try something new like I also have which is my hosted website using Squarespace. I have no idea if people ever land there. Is it necessary to keep that? I like it enough, it's customizable to a point but not really how I want it to look. What do I want my website to look like? Well, in all honesty, I want it to look like Anthropologie. Can I make it look like that, give it that vintage floral feel? Not by myself, no.

Still lots of info to chew on.  Above, you'll see the new spool rack I bought yesterday. I LOVE IT! I went there looking for some way to display my linen cord spools to keep them organized. Before I had all the spools thrown in a plastic drawer from a 3 drawer system I have in the office. Had to take the drawer out to bring it up to the studio where I have a closed door because the cats go batshit over linen cording and I couldn't cut in in the office anymore - no doors to keep the shitbirds out.
Organizing colorful cording like this makes me happeh happeh happeh. Oh yea.
Lorelei Eurto creates handcrafted, beaded and metal jewelry in her home studio in upstate New York. You can shop for her jewelry designs at Etsy and the webstore. She also offers a nice variety of cording at the Jewelry Accord etsy shop, which correlates with her book, Bohemian Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon and Cords.