I figured, why not try out to see how I like it. It's a place to start your own commerce/website. They do offer a free 30 day trial, so I have nothing to lose.

 I took some screenshots of the site I created. There are a lot of cool options, themes, layouts, to make your website your own. I have a Welcome page where I will eventually post a quote or maybe some sort of introduction. I am still having this love affair of an idea of having tin, cording, and jewelry all in one place. I'm not sure if it will work.

 Here is the SHOP portion of the site. Thumbnails, when clicked- open up to a nice large image with up to 5 photos, and a place to put details for each piece. Each item gets its own social media buttons but there are a few at the top right of the website.

 There is a nice place to include photo galleries. I believe you can add several albums as well. I've only added a few pics to get a feel for it.

 There is a place to blog, but with several years of posts in at Blogger, I'm not ready to make the move just yet. So I included a link for people to follow that will redirect them to my blogger blog.

One of my favorite features is the Events page where I can add in different events, upcoming shows, and whatever else I want to keep track of like maybe the Jade Scott update or magazine deadlines!

I haven't used every available feature. You can add several other pages to your site, calling them whatever you like. You can change the order of how they are seen on your blog. I could include a page to show advertising, testimonials, tutorials, Press etc!

There some aspects that I don't like about Indiemade compared to Etsy or Shopify. The uploading of photos is one at a time and time consuming. There isn't gift certificate options. There is limited options for shipping which could pose a real problem.  I would actually like them to offer more layout options for complete customization- would love to include larger photographs. But that's really it! For $19.99 a month for 300 listings * A SUPER GREAT DEAL* compared to what I am currently paying for Shopify, Etsy, and commissions on sales at both places.  There is nothing to pay Indiemade except the low monthly fee.  This really could save me a boatload of money a month. And these days, I'm all about saving money. We've downgraded our cars, combined our vehicle insurance onto one, and have refinanced some large loans- why not downsize to one site and save money here too?