New Life

It's April already. That is crazy. I am unsure where March went but here we are heading into the middle of April. April is a busy month for birthdays, it seems every weekend is packed full of plans. I'm just struggling to keep my head above water.


New Life is springing up in the gardens around here. We are so far behind so many places and I'm jealous to see everyone blogging about their new flowers budding and cherry blossoms blooming. All I've got these days is some tulip fronds popping up through the mulch.  But yet, I am excited to see them. We just planted these bulbs in the Fall,  and there are about 10-12 popped up. Can't remember what color they are, so it will be a nice surprise.

Don't remember what these are but they have a distinct look of maybe a calla lily??  I'll be stoked if that's what it is. I swear my memory gets worse and worse each passing day. How can I not remember what I planted in my own garden just a few months ago??

 These days I haven't been able to really sit down and blog. If I'm not scooping poop, I'm tossing around an aluminum ball to distract the cats from getting into something they shouldn't. They don't let me sit at the computer for very long before they are into something. So I'm sorry I have't been very active here lately.

Been really contemplating a lot of business type things lately.  I am finding that dishing out Etsy fees each month PLUS my Shopify Fees, plus my paypal fees, plus my Jewelry accord shop fees, It''s too much!!  Somethings gotta give.  So then I start daydreaming about awesome it would be if i could sell cording, tin snippets, jewelry and tutorials all in ONE place with ONE fee (ok 2, with paypal) and have less maintenance a month.  I'm seeing my friends starting up shops at places like and I get stars in my eyes at their beautiful new storefronts and how they have lower fees and no commission to pay. But then the idea of leaving etsy leaves me hyperventilating about losing traffic and I see my shop getting 18,000 views a month and wonder if I can really afford to ever leave.  And then I start seeing RED that Etsy has such control over me in this way! Gah!

Along with all of these thoughts is my head swimming about trying to brand myself a bit better. I have never had a logo. My look keeps changing, my websites keep changing, and I regret the fact that I chose my name as my business name instead of something catchy and fun like the Owl's Den or Hootie Hoot Jewelry. (I'm just playing around with ideas)

And so that battle (JOURNEY) continues to obtain a more solid jewelry selling foundation where I feel comfortable and happy and less broke. Any ideas?  please leave comments!