I'm still working through the process of changing my shops. I have cancelled my Shopify store. I bought an extra Domain name from go but HELL if I can figure out what to do with it next, and I tried transferring my original website to the new indiemade site and it doesn't work so clearly I am not cut out for the Lorelei Eurto Jewelry IT department.

I haven't made any sales yet on Indiemade so who knows if it works or not. Hopefully me changing shops AGAIN won't deter buyers from buying. I just had to do what's fiscally important in my business right now and paying tons of fees to online sources is not the way.

So to reiterate, the website is gone- the squarespace site which hosted I really never updated it because I couldn't sell there, so really the whole site was kind of pointless. The Shopify store is gone, and I have replaced it with  I am KEEPING the Etsy shops, and and am still thinking about possibly moving the tin snippets portion to its' own location, or to the jewelry accord shop. My etsy shop for jewelry will have ONE PAGE of jewelry available for sale, all ready made, ready to ship items and some popular designs like the Chunky Necklace, Long seed beaded necklaces, unique earring designs, and asymmetrical funky bracelets, seed beaded bangles etc. You'll find the MAJORITY of my jewelry at the indiemade site. And when I say webstore, I mean indiemade store.

One interesting thing I am noticing is that I haven't really ever had a "collection" but it's kind of developing itself as we speak. New and never before seen pieces will go into the indiemade webstore, but the FUN and popular designs that I have been continuing to make  on a regular basis, will go into the Etsy shop. I think I might even be able to start developing a wholesale line finally!

Currently you can find TONS of jewelry at the webstore, and my Etsy shop.

  Tassel Earrings- Started making these new tassel earrings, I just love them! The possibilities and color combos are endless and they look super cute dangling from sort of bead! You can find them at the webstore.

 Multi-Strand bracelet featuring some uber cool bead cones from Dorabeth Designs (Antelope Beads) and a Pewter Butterfly connector turned clasp from Green Girl Studios. This is also available at the webstore.

 I recently obtained this adorable Lighthouse pendant from Elukka. I dangled it on 2 different colors of Deerskin Leather lace, and added a couple of cute embellishments. To add some color I wrapped the leather with linen cording in teal and red. This is available at Etsy.

And here's a new set of seed beaded bangles featuring a slider bead from Swoon Dimples, a bird charm from Jade Scott, and a leaf and bronze branch charm. This set is available at Etsy.

Lorelei Eurto creates handcrafted, beaded and metal jewelry in her home studio in upstate New York. You can shop for her jewelry designs at Etsy and the webstore. She also offers a nice variety of cording at the Jewelry Accord etsy shop, which correlates with her book, Bohemian Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon and Cords.


  1. Tassel earrings are so dang cute--and those star beads! AWE. SOME. And love how you wrapped the ends of the leather lace in colored linen.

  2. All great plans set into motion! I think that you are attacking this in a smart manner. I can't imagine having all the different webspaces you did to manage. I think putting your snippets in with the other supplies is a great idea. Sort of a one-stop-shop. I haven't yet sold anything on Indiemade, but of course that would mean I have to put something out there and a way to get people there! ;-) You have a following and I know that they will find you. Love the lighthouse. Her stuff is so cute I keep hoarding it. I am working on ideas for collections as well. Seems to be the best way to go. Wishing you wide open possibilities and moving ever upward with your new site! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Anonymous4/24/2013

    From an existing buyer perspective, it makes no difference to me... I will buy what I love no matter which shop you are utilizing. I love that I can see your new listings in Facebook, click on the link and buy.

    Your plans sound very smart ~ save your money! :)

    ~ Jodi W.

  4. Sounds great to consolidate, and as always the new pieces are so unique and fab. The link at the bottom of your post goes to the old shopify store-just thought I'd let you know.

  5. Hey Lorelei!

    When you figure out all your sites let me know. I struggle with the same problem. :) I had two shops on Etsy once(one jewelry and one beads) and I felt like my jewelry wasn't being seen. I moved them back together, now I feel like it's too crowded again. And my website, I feel like it needs a major shopping cart redo. It might just be a thing that it will never be good enough for me.

    Can't wait to see your collections, they will be great!

    Have a great day, Jennifer


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