Round Rabbit Update

They're not just buttons. They can be so much more! I have lots of ideas for these guys. I am totally smitten with the two-tone glazes that Nancy did on this batch!  No two are exactly alike, another huge bonus when buying artisan made beads! You'll know you'll get one that is not like someone else's and that makes creating one-of-a-kind jewelry that much more fun! Be sure to check out Nancy's update today at Noon est. at Round Rabbit Extra.


  1. Well these buttons are cool for sure, with their two tone color scheme and interesting shape. I look forward to seeing what you do with them, because frankly I am mystified as to how I would use them. I have a cool pendant from round rabbit extra, that I bought a few months ago, it is waiting for time to create. So I restrained myself from shopping. Told myself "Use what you have, first!"
    Cheers! Lily

  2. WOW! Actually these could be used for Diz's! Stunning design.


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