Some New Beads and other Things

Over the weekend I stopped by the big Indie Garage Sale, an annual crafters event where one can find some really funky and unique art and crafts.  I showed my jewelry there at the Holiday show and did apply for the Spring show but didn't get accepted due to space issues. I was bummed but it didn't stop me from stopping in to say Hi to all my local friends!

While I was there I snagged a sweet Owl print. I love the colors and the playful quality of the owl. I really wanted to buy the original painting but it came down to a financial decision to go with a print instead.  You can find the artist at Etsy, SepiaLepus

I also got a few new pieces from one of my favorite Ceramic artists, Dulcie Miller. We bartered and I came home with a new Owl cup, and one of her new oval trays featuring some bright and colorful Spring flowers.

And THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH SOME BEADS!  I know I've mentioned local Lampwork artist Whirled Peas Beads before but this warrants another mention!! These new tube shaped beads were actually inspired by me! I saw them online when she first showed them but sometimes its really hard to get the gist of size when seeing a photo online. These are small and delicate and wonderful! I picked out 2 strands, a pale green, and a beautiful rustic red color.

Of course I sat down and put these babies to work right away. Here's what I made...

 This first piece is so fun and whimsical. I beaded the tubes into the front of the necklace and combined them with lots of other art beads, such as this spiny carrot shaped charm from Green Girl Studios, lampwork from The Orange Bell, a flower from Classic Bead, a Humblebeads toggle button, wood stick beads, ceramic rounds and tube bead from Gaea and sweet little coral rounds.
This piece can be worn any which way you like, with any focal at the front!

I beaded the red tubes with some seed beads into this funky links on beading wire with crimps. But I didn't love the look of the crimps so I covered them up with some little wraps of Rust colored Waxed linen cording. I used a pretty flower pendant from Classic Bead and some unique polymer rounds from Doreen Willey. I really like all the different textures in this necklace, it's a fun piece to wear. Artsy jewelry is always an attention getter!

If you'd like to purchase some of Denise's lampwork tubes, contact her via email. She's always happy and willing to create custom beads too so if you want a custom color, she'll do it!


  1. The necklaces are beautiful. Assembly is very original.

  2. Thos are all great pieces! love the print :). I love what you did with those gorgeous beads too

  3. Cool use of seed beads. FYI, some of the links you are posting (at least on my RSS feed reader) are not working (the ones where your work is sold).

  4. Lorelei, I love how you covered your crimps with little wax linen wraps! So cute. Would it be okay for me to share your design with the covered crimps on the Soft Flex's blog or facebook page? Beautiful work as always. - Kristen


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