Birthday Weekend

 So, yesterday I turned the big THREE NINE. ACK. I hate that number. I know it's just a number and I know I shouldn't sweat it but I am. For one very big reason. I still don't have babies. Not gonna dwell on it here.

In other more exciting news, I was lucky enough to be asked to do a trunk show with my tin jewelry at a shop in Hamilton NY. About a week ago, I emailed the owners at Swank.  [Side note: They have a cute little boutique store specializing in irresistible vintage and modern finds for home, garden and you. They carry clothing, accessories, jewelry, and housewares, PLUS a great line of food stuffs like dips and jams, and OMG. I bought the best jelly ever. Cabernet Wine jelly. It's totally delicious on a hunk of sharp cheddar cheese!]

Anyway, I sent some links to my flickr albums and asked if they'd be interested in setting a consignment or wholesale arrangement selling my jewelry. I initially thought that my tin jewelry would a perfect fit in their shop because they do carry some vintage items and antique pieces. I was asked to bring down a sample to show them, so I eagerly hopped in the car, drove the 40 min. to have them take a look. They definitely agreed, and decided that the tin jewelry over the beaded jewelry would be a better fit.  So we discussed details of the trunk show that was happening on Commencement weekend, May 18. My Birthday.

Last week was spent working my tail off, getting a large enough tin inventory for the show. I have never worked so hard.  I drove down Saturday morning, and set up on a table in the store. What was really great, was the fact that my whole display fit right in to the feel of the shop. If you would like to see more pictures of the store's displays, follow me on Instagram.   I like the fact that they really liked my display and they were talking about possibly modeling their display of my jewelry after my own!

The shop was extremely busy throughout the day. I made a few sales and they decided to keep almost all of the inventory on consignment! That was good news! I came home with the rings, and 1 necklace that didn't really fit into the cohesive grouping, and have listed them on Etsy if you're interested.

If you are interested in shopping your jewelry around to stores for consignment or wholesale arrangements, please take a look at this series of posts that Andrew Thornton blogged last week. There are so really great tips and tricks, and they are especially helpful coming from an actual gallery/shop owner.