Guest Tutorial #2 Fortuneteller's Bracelet by Erin Siegel

     Welcome to my second installment of my Guest Tutorial series! Erin Siegel, my friend and Co-Author of Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry has submitted a great tutorial for a bead and Linen cord bracelet with a button clasp. This is a great project that can utilize my color mixes of Linen cording from the Jewelry Accord store!  In this project, Erin used Sage, Fuchsia, Red and Plum cording which I've listed in the shop and called the Fortuneteller's Mix.

Fortuneteller’s Bracelet
Erin Siegel

Sodalite is said to be the stone of “insight”. The bright, colorful threads of waxed linen cord
remind me of a long, flowing gypsy skirt that a fortuneteller might wear.

72 Sodalite 6mm rounds
1 copper 20mm artisan button by Second Surf Studio
4’feet EACH of 4ply Irish waxed linen cord in the following colors: Plum, Fuchsia, Red and


Finished size: 7 ½”

1: Hold the four pieces of linen cord together at their centers. Tightly twist the centers of the 4
cords together for 2”. Fold the cords in half and form an overhand knot, leaving a ¾” loop of
twisted cord.

2: Separate 2 cords. Use 1 cord to string 1 Sodalite round. Use both cords to form an overhand
knot after the bead. Repeat 17 times. Repeat entire step for remaining cords.

3: Use all 8 cords to form an overhand knot. Separate cords in half and form 3 square knots.

4: Use 4 cords to string one buttonhole. Repeat for the other buttonhole. Form a square knot on
top of the button. Trim cords to ¼”.


Sodalite rounds: Fire Mountain Gems. Waxed linen cord: Jewelry Accord. Copper button:
Second Surf Studio on Etsy.


  1. Beautiful project, here.. thanks for sharing! I especially love the colors.

  2. Beautiful! And easy to do. Thankyou for the tutorial!

  3. Lovely:) Thank you for sharing!


  4. This is beautiful! I haven't been able to make anything for months (I knocked myself for holiday presents and every creative ounce left me) but this looks like something I can just sit down and do so I can finally get back to my beads!

  5. Very beautiful piece of jewelry. I love the variations in the Sodalite.


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