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Gotta love putting in a full weeks worth of work for a show and then have it be a total flop. ACK! I walked away with one sale that didn't even cover my booth costs for the one day show, but I was grateful for at least one sale! I will try not to dwell on it and use it as a learning experience. I think what I am finding is that small shows that are 50 vendors or less don't tend to benefit handmade artists like me who offer one of a kind artisan jewelry.  It probably didn't help that the show took place on the nicest day of the season, sunny and 80 degrees. And I'm sure the fact that there were booths there selling things like sports inspired touch lamps, and t shirts- was a factor too.

Lets focus on the positive outcome. There was LOTS of jewelry to list in the Etsy shop this morning so if you're looking to buy a nice mother's day gift, today would be the day to do it! I will ship items every day this week so there is still time to buy gifts and have them arrive by the weekend!

Some examples of new things....


  1. I hate when they don't work out! Happens too often unfortunately. I find it's not so much the smaller shows as how much work the people behind the scenes do and how much money they put into advertising! The advertising is the key! If you pay a ton for your table and they just keep the money and don't put up signs or list it online or even put up flyers or newspaper ads, then it will be a flop. Good luck at the next one <3

  2. I second Marie in this. Look at that excellent display and ambience. Inspite of that if there wasn't enough sales, either 'handmade' wasn't projected well by the organizers, or worse still, the whole show wasn't advertised. I had been to shows where when they jury, they ask for photos of even 'me at work'. But when we reach there we will be surprised(shocked, actually) to see things in bulk, and machine-made. But finally I have found a completely-handmade things place- The Artisan's Market, where people who love handmade things come searching for handmade things, ask the story behind each piece, and walk away 'beaming' with the treasure found! I love your work, you are a huge inspiration to artists like us. Now, heading to see the new goodies in your shop! Have a great week! And excellent shows through the year. BTW, I got a book from the library which I'm currently reading - which has your work in it - "Chain Style" - You rock!!

  3. Your table looks amazing, and it is nice that you are able to look on the bright side.

  4. We had a similar situation. I am still a bit down and very exhausted about it. I had one sale to a lady who has been following me on my blog, fb, Etsy, and even our local bead shop. She bought a published necklace and was thrilled to finally own one of my designs. It made me feel good. Now I have that much more ready for my big shows starting in June but it is not easy to do shows and the time and prep and then sit in the hot sun all day for one sale. Looking ahead!!

  5. Chin up! (As my mum used to say.) How much you sell depends so much on things that are beyond your control. Your designs are beautiful, all you need is for the people most likely to appreciate them to be standing by your stall!

    The only stall I ever had was in a freezing cold church in France two weeks before Christmas. You would think that should be an ideal time to sell loads of stuff but no - the French only go to Christmas markets to meet friends and chat! Very few of the stallholders sold anything at all. It's just how it goes on the day. Better luck next time!

  6. Lorelei,

    I absolutely LOVE the necklace I bought from you. It is so unique! Your designs are awesome!
    some shows just suck for many reasons already noted. It is very tough trying to make a living on Art.

    Nancy Saccoccio @Rising Designs

  7. on the bright side you......
    don't have a sunburn
    didn't have to chase things blowing away in the wind
    & your display is looking good.

  8. You audience obviously wasn't there and looking at the poster for the bazaar I think it was geared towards too general an audience for handmade jewelry. But at least you got lots of nice jewelry to sell in your online shops :-)

  9. oh those keys w/the little houses will fly off your shelves they're adorable. the perfect kind of simple that is so hard to achieve.

  10. Been there, done that, sister.
    You have to keep the positive attitude or else the shows will swallow you whole. At least you have an awesome, loyal following online who will snatch up all your new creations. I love the purple/bee earrings.
    Display looked great!!
    Are you using bed risers to get the merchandise closer to eye level?

    1. yep! I have PVC pipe that I slip onto the legs of my table to raise it up about a foot.


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