Monday Monday

Gotta love putting in a full weeks worth of work for a show and then have it be a total flop. ACK! I walked away with one sale that didn't even cover my booth costs for the one day show, but I was grateful for at least one sale! I will try not to dwell on it and use it as a learning experience. I think what I am finding is that small shows that are 50 vendors or less don't tend to benefit handmade artists like me who offer one of a kind artisan jewelry.  It probably didn't help that the show took place on the nicest day of the season, sunny and 80 degrees. And I'm sure the fact that there were booths there selling things like sports inspired touch lamps, and t shirts- was a factor too.

Lets focus on the positive outcome. There was LOTS of jewelry to list in the Etsy shop this morning so if you're looking to buy a nice mother's day gift, today would be the day to do it! I will ship items every day this week so there is still time to buy gifts and have them arrive by the weekend!

Some examples of new things....