Show Prepping

That's right! AGAIN! I am exhibiting tables of my jewelry at the Sharon Springs Garden Party this weekend!!  If it wasn't forecasting thunderstorming rain, I might be kind of excited!  I have only ever done the Fall Season Harvest Festival and that's always been a great show so I do have high hopes that this will be a largely attended show.  AND the Beekman Boys have all sorts of fun things planned, the grand opening of their new store,  the introduction of their new Goat's milk Ice Cream! I can't wait for that!

So this week I'm prepping, getting jewelry made. I'll have a whole lotta beaded jewelry available but probably no tin. Unless I can whip some up in the next few days.  Ya just never know. If you are in the area, it's definitely a sweet little town and worth a visit. Come on down and see me! I wish I could say where my booth will be, but they don't assign them til we arrive.

Have been getting some great suggestions on Facebook about what types of jewelry people seem to be buying lately, or wanting lately.  A friend, Jenny, suggested that I do some stuff that's every day wearable with less color. That has proven quite difficult as you can see in the pieces I've done so far. Color is half of what inspires me!!  No can do!!