Be a better Etsy seller

Did you know you can know view your customer service stats on etsy?  If you log into your account, click the Customer service Stats link at the left. It goes over all of the basics.... your score, and what Etsy recommends.

Response Time to New Buyer Convos
Response time is the time it takes you to respond to a buyer's initial convo; only the convos you've responded to are measured. Shoppers may have questions about your items that need to be answered before they’re ready to buy — by responding quickly you can build trust and help inform their purchase decision.

 This is a huge pet peeve of mine, as a buyer. I like to be able to ask a question using the Convo option, but I don't want to wait a week for a response!  If a buyer sees something they want from your shop, and they inquire about how many inches it is, or if you can alter the size, you as the seller should respond quickly. Not only because it's courteous, but because you want to make that sale!

Providing Processing Times
Processing time is the estimated time between an item's purchase date and when you will ship it. Your processing times can be edited any time, including for sold items. Filling out processing times for each of your listings can help avoid unnecessary reports of non-delivered items.

Meeting your Processing Time
 Make your customers happy by shipping on time. Keeping your processing times up-to-date for all of your listings and existing orders can help avoid unneccessary reports of buyers not receiving their items. You can update processing times any time, including for current orders when you're running late.

I always say, Say what you MEAN what you say.

Marking Items as Shipped
Marking orders as shipped keeps buyers informed and helps track your processing time accuracy. If there is no processing time, Etsy waits 14 days before checking if an item is marked as shipped. With Etsy Shipping Labels (US-Only), items are marked automatically. Users of non-Etsy shipping tools are encouraged to mark items as shipped on Etsy, in case a non-delivery occurs.

Another very important tip! If they give you the option, USE IT! I always always always check to see if and when my orders ship. And if I don't see that status change, I write a convo to the seller. Although really, I shouldn't have to! It just takes a second to either print your labels from etsy and then the shipping status updates automatically, or, with a click of your mouse, you can change the status to shipped!

Providing Tracking Info (U.S. Orders only)
For shipments within the US, provide tracking numbers when possible and notify buyers by filling out the "Tracking Number" field in Shipping Notifications. Etsy’s Shipping Labels (US-Only) send tracking automatically. If you use a non-Etsy shipping tool, we encourage you to send tracking info through Etsy in case a non-delivery occurs.

When printing shipping labels directly from Paypal, you have to fill in this info manually to give your buyers their tracking info. But if you print your labels from Etsy, it does it automatically.

Another tip I have, take a moment to fill out feedback- that goes for sellers AND buyers. It is an important tool that will benefit you either way. When shoppers can check the feedback before they purchase an item from your store, they will be able to know right up front whether you are
Here's my stats for my Jewelry store!  YAY!