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I realized this morning that I never blogged about the new table I put up in my studio. Here's a pic!

 This table was in the kitchen, collecting all kinds of crap. Mostly empty beer six packs. I unfortunately have a strong liking of Saranac Summer Shandy.  So I took it out of there, and threw it up in the studio for a nice metalworking station.  You know where I was cutting metal before? on the floor. Because the studio table always has a ton of stuff on it and I didn't want it breaking/falling off.

I cannot tell you how nice it was yesterday when I went to cut a few pieces of metal and I didn't have to sit on the floor to do it! Everything was right there, and easy to reach and work with. LOVING IT!
I am hoping to get some tin components back in the shop. That is my goal!

In other news, tomorrow morning I am hopping in the car with my friend Tara and we are heading down to Rhinebeck NY to check out the Country Living fair! I am SO EXCITED!!! It is going to be a really great time! I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I'm sure that just taking pictures of all of the cool things we see will be worth the trip alone!!  Check back here for a fun photo post next week!

We are coming back on Saturday so that we can attend the big Andy Warhol show that is opening at Munson Williams Proctor. Pretty excited about this too. I had intentions of making some Warhol inspired jewelry for the gift shop, but alas, I have just been too busy.

If you are wanting to buy some new and fun beads, be sure to check out Nancy's Round Rabbit update today starting at Noon, est. 


  1. how jealous am i of your immaculate work space? i cant even get myself to go into mine its that bad...

  2. Brenda6/07/2013

    You will love The Country Living Fair...I attended the show in Stone Mountain, Georgia last October and hope to get there again this fall. Take a big shoulder bag with you. Mine came in really handy for hauling all my goodies around!

  3. A desk neat and pretty. I love owls

  4. Oh, you are so nice and neat. I am channeling that. I can't wait to the the Warhol show. We missed one a couple years ago in Salt Lake because they misprinted the end date on a postcard and we of course went the last day, but it wasn't the actual last day; it was the day after the last day. D'oh


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