Facebook Group: Turn the BEAD Around

A couple of days ago, I decided to start my own Facebook group. For a few reasons.  Blogging seems to have become a lost art form, one that has recently been thrown to the wayside by artists.  People are instead, using Facebook to network and form relationships with their customers and peers. It's quicker, easier than blogging. So I figured, what the heck. I might as well embrace it.

So I started a group. I called it Turn the BEAD Around, a play on words from a popular Gloria Estefan song from the 80s. The group is really low key, no pressure, and should be a fun place to hang out. There is always a small level of risk when forming a Facebook group. Because people tend to like to overshare, or share irrelevant things. So my group is monitored by me. All posts will go through me first.

What is it?
 I hope it will become a place where people can share photos, promote their shops, talk jewelry and beads til the cows come home. I hope it's a place where I can post prompts- to initiate fun conversations about all things jewelry. I hope to do some fun bead giveaways there. I want people to feel comfortable asking questions about how to do certain things.  I won't be able to help with a lot of beadweaving questions but there might be someone that's a member of the group that can help!!

I want it to become a fun beading community that is free of judgement, free of stress, and a positive place to hang out and share stories or photos or videos.

Just click the link and join us!