Tin Snippets

I was pretty stoked with these recent components that I made for the Tin shop. I used a couple of new Fossil watch tins for these. The colors were so fun. I have a few more waiting in the wings but it's discouraging watching this bunch just sit in the shop collecting dust.  Figured maybe blogging would get the word out!

 These connectors are fun, instead of using jump rings as the connector rings, I used some rubber O rings from My Elements. Adds a little extra splash of color and they are so durable! You could still even use them as a clasp by connector one end with a lobster clasp or small toggle bar.

And then these toggles, are double strand clasps. That's right! Do a double or even quadruple strand bracelet and attach the strands to the 2 jump rings on one side.

If you used any of my tin snippets toggles in your finished pieces, please share pics! Leave a comment with a link to the pic so I can see them! I love seeing where these little guys end up! Adds to the fun of making them!


  1. Love these, Lorelei. Beautiful job!

  2. Just love your tin snippets! How about some orange/pinks in the middle?
    I am happy happy I have mine! Its one of my fave necklaces!

  3. Those are gorgeous colors! And the O rings is a clever idea. I was thinking that the two strand one would make a great focal with beads dangling down. And chain. And maybe some leather. But my favorite part is the message. And the font you stamp in. So pretty! I really need to unearth the ones I bought from you and make something already. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. They are so, so lovely! I love the stamped wordy ones especially. I've cut down on buying from the US since postage went up/our customs threshold went down :-( I will look forward to seeing them pop up in others' designs though!

  5. You make some things which are really beautiful


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