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As I mentioned last week, I had a show in Sharon Springs for the Annual Garden Party.  Saturday was a perfect day weather-wise, even though the forecast was threatening rainstorms. But the traffic was really disappointing. I was in the same place I normally set up for the Harvest Festival in the Fall season and that show is typically really lucrative. This show was not the same. I'm not sure where all the shoppers were, maybe all uptown where the new Beekman Mercantile shop opened up?  We all commiserated about why this show was different than the fall show. Coulda been that people weren't doing much shopping because of no big holiday like Christmas coming up. Could have been the threat of rain.  But unfortunately for me, it wasn't worth it to stay a second day, so I packed up at the end of the day and headed home. For those of you who are frowning about me leaving early, here's how I look at it. It's not a juried show. So I don't have the fear of not being invited back.  Why risk worse weather (which was calling for majorly severe thunderstorms, and on top of that, another low traffic day?  I did make back my booth fee and a little profit from the 2 sales all day Saturday. eh, it is what it is. the Fall show will be better.  I'm looking into doing another show this summer called Chicks Along the Mohawk. Tried to fill out the application but it's not opening so I'm waiting to hear back from them. I do hope they are still taking applications.

Was pretty happy with my set up, I put out a bunch but still had stuff to fill in with as stuff sold. The one thing that was really discouraging is all of the shoppers who walked right by without stopping in to even look. They saw "jewelry" on my sign and just kept on walking. So I may ditch that signage.... at least to get people inside to take a closer look. ? 


This morning I listed a boat load of jewelry that I made last week, while preparing for the show. It's listed in my webstore, because I have to take a small hiatus from Etsy - Got a look at my bill today and it made me shed a few tears. Gotta save some cash and list it all where I don't have so many fees. 

This afternoon I will be spending in my studio, tidying it up and I also brought up the kitchen table that was only collecting lots of junk. I'll be able to use it for my metalworking station. Pics to come tomorrow!


  1. I'm sorry your weekend wasn't better. You need a big, spashy banner to hang at the back of your tent behind the table. Something with a pic of one of your pieces on it.

  2. I can definitely commiserate. Saturday at the Freret Market was miserable with very high humidity and a high of 92°. Someone parked a truck which blocked the view of a large number of tents and we paid the price in terms of traffic. I am furious that the market didn't have the truck towed.

  3. I think that your tent and displays look very professional and inviting. If I were you I would invest an a colorful sign that displays some of your beautiful pieces and will draw people in.

    I did a Memorial Day show with cold temperatures and gale force winds. I wore a winter coat and gloves! My sales were slightly down from the year before but I was thankful I did sell some. No matter what the news says I don't think people are buying like they use to. Jewelry isn't a necessity!

  4. I completely understand your frustration! I gave up on craft shows because I couldn't afford the high end table fees and the shoppers at the more affordable shows weren't buying my jewelry. Maybe when I retire, I'll try it again.

  5. I think your show set up looks beautiful! It's hard to imagine why more people didn't stop and look at your pieces. Is there a way you can find out if anyone sold much? Your work is artistic and also represents many other artists!

  6. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Have you ever tried setting your tables up at right angles as "edges" of the tent area, where people can walk by and look without having to go into the tent? I saw that setup at an art festival with another jewelry seller, and it seemed to attract a lot of looking and stopping as people walked by. They didn't have to commit to entering a space, but could stand and look (and buy) with some autonomy and a feeling of personal space. Love your blog!!


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