Vacation starts....


Vacation has officially started! I will be away from July 12 - July 21. Shops have been closed up, and I will re-open on Monday July 22nd.  Hoping to feel refreshed, and relaxed from a nice long week off!
(Secretly hoping that none of my uber talented friends will have super big shop updates while I'm away! )

See you all when I return!


  1. Have a lovely chilled break.

  2. I hope you have a lovely relaxing vacation Lorelei.

  3. I am usually a big fan of adventurous vacation where you are constantly doing something, but a nice relaxing vacation every so often can be so refreshing. I just recently took a vacation to a resort in the bahamas where we were pampered every day at the spa, they even gave us complimentary happy feet slippers to wear around the spa while we relaxed. It was definitely one of my favorite vacations so far.

  4. Have a wonderful time! We're taking a couple days off this coming week to just drive down the coast and poke around.... no plan, one overnight, but I'm looking forward to it!


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