Hump Day

This week is kind of meandering along like a slow moving stream, slowly but surely gaining speed. That's always the way when I'm anxiously awaiting a big trip. Friday morning I will jet down to Binghamton, pick up Nancy Schindler, and bold down to Philadelphia for Bead Fest.

I could not be more excited. 1. it's always a great time seeing all of my online bead friends! and 2. I can't wait to finally buy some things- I am in desperate need of beads!! I have been so good not spending as freely as I used to. Ever since I left my job in November, it's been sometimes a huge struggle to come up with cash for the mortgage and usually there isn't much left over to buy fun beads.  But I do admit, it's been VERY rewarding when I CAN make it happen!

I tried to write down a list of things I need, things I want to focus on buying this weekend. The list got VERY long, VERY fast. So I think I have to re-evaluate.  For example, it will be hard not to buy every art bead I see. But what I need are filler beads, like strands of Czech glass, seed beads, and strands of stones and hopefully maybe some metal findings like earring pairs and interesting links.

Also will be trying to keep my focus on getting some interesting focal beads like the ones I've been using in these multi-strand bracelets.  They are a lot of fun to make but I'm running out of interesting things to use.

Um wow. Next week is the reveal date for the Michael's challenge! DOH! I gotta get to work on that too! I hope you are finishing up your blog posts for the hop on tuesday!

I hope you are all having a fab week!