Fairy Folly

How lucky was I when I fit this little Green Girl Studios pebble inside one of Nancy's Round Rabbit Porcelain bead frames! It's a perfect fit!!  To achieve this fun layered look, I took a length of waxed linen cording, passed it through the pebble hole (horizontal) pulled the two ends together, and thread them both up through the top (vertical) hole in the bead frame.  I passed one end through the hole of the skeleton key and tied a double overhand knot with the two strands. Added some brass cubes on the tails for a little fringe!

 In this shot you can see the bottom hole, I decided not to use it. But, I probably could have dangled something below the bead if I had wanted to.

I love the overall look of this necklace. The picasso Czech glass beads are different shapes, flat ovals, flat coins and faceted rondelles but have a cohesive look with all the same finish.

This necklace is available for sale at my Etsy shop.


  1. You are like a bead engineer, Lorelei! :)
    Very inventive!

    x Ellen

  2. Wonderful necklace!! It always feels like a magical sign when two pieces fit together like these did. A necklace meant to be!! Love it.

  3. A wonderful necklace!! I love your choice of beads, and that pendant you put together is fabulous.

  4. This necklace is gorgeous and I love the description of how you made the pendant out of two pieces. The use of that key is genius.

  5. Such a creative mix and it really works. Love the key as part of the clasp.


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