inspiration strikes

I can get inspired by all sorts of things, but the most common source of inspiration comes from a couple of genres in Jewelry.  I took a spin around Pinterest yesterday morning and favorited quite a few pieces both in Contemporary Jewelry and Ethnic Jewelry.

Inspiration for Asymmetrical design usually stems from Contemporary designs. I found this simple necklace, on a cord, with a horizontal pendant and some beads.  I love the simplistic nature of this piece, and the asymmetrical layout- but to me it looks completely balanced.

This piece is from BHMakes on Etsy.

Here is my take on this design. The general bead layout is similar but I used some art beads and a different type of wood bar focal. I brought in some faceted jade rondelles, some glass melons and a few pewter elements from Green Girl Studios. The necklace is strung on orange Silk griffin cording.

I searched Pinterest for some Ethnic bracelets and found this one. I love the texture of the wrapped seed beaded bangle and the two tone color palette, with the wood rings. I didn't have a leather or cord that was quite thick enough to achieve this look, but went with a smaller cord, one color palette, and asymmetrical design that turned out very asymmetrical and modern in nature.

This piece is from

Here is my bracelet design. I used a long enameled tube from Gardanne beads, wrapped seed beaded wire, and just a few rubber o rings from My Elements.

The bottom line is, you can be inspired by jewelry without completely copying the design bead for bead. Be inspired by colors, shapes, general layout of design, or materials and let your imagination run wild with your own design abilities and flair.

Here are some other pieces I was inspired by in my search...

Angela Gerhard
 Love the deep red color of this necklace, and how the discs are strung through holes towards the tops of each disc. This is an element that I could used in a piece of tin jewelry but maybe in smaller amounts, or in a bracelet design. Printed tin would give this piece a totally different look and add my own flair.

 I absolutely adore the layout of this necklace above. The asymmetrical design is quite pleasing to my
eye and I love the bright Splash of Green with the darkened black metal. I can see a beaded
piece using this same layout with different types of focals, and maybe some flat coins or different shaped Czech glass beads.

This ethnic necklace is a fun multi strand piece with coral and amber. The color is great, and it 
has so much texture. I am inspired by the design and the beautifully finished areas like the clasp and where the multi-strands begin and end.

This flat leather bracelet shows that you could absolutely use some ribbon ends that aren't exactly the same width of your ribbon. It's still quite a successful piece, and I like the addition of fringe and bells in between the colors. The colors are great for fall and I like them mixed with the antiqued brass.

Where do you get your inspiration from these days? And how do you decipher your own flair in designs that you see online?