Remember this necklace? I made this and listed it back on April 29th. It sat around for the duration of the Summer. Today, I took it apart and revamped it into 2 new pieces!
First I used the long Jade Scott bar pendant in a long seed beaded necklace in a pretty purple, Blue and Magenta color palette. These necklaces always are very popular and can be worn layered with another necklace or 2.


The second piece I created is a bracelet. I took off a few of the wire wrapped beads, added the little bit of cable chain as a second bracelet strand, and added a So Sweet charm from Jade Scott.

Have you revamped some of your jewelry designs lately? There is nothing more satisfying then taking apart a non-successful piece, and recreating 2 hopefully more successful pieces from the original!



  1. Great re-do! I just love the seed bead necklace!!! I've got three pieces just waiting for me to do a makeover but for some reason I'm holding back.

  2. Those both look great! I love the "new" bracelet you made.

  3. Very nice! I like them both ;)

  4. I've always loved the color combos you come up with for seed beads. Both are lovely redos.

  5. I am about to re-do my entire studio space and I know I will be finding these hidden treasures that I would tuck into drawers. I think that would be a great hop to do, showing the before and afters of a re-do jewelry project! You make it look effortless! Here's hoping you get twice the money from two pieces and they go fast! Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. Although your original design was amazing, I think I like your two new creations much better. Nice job.


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