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I want to introduce you to Franee. She's my sister, my friend, my confidante, and most of all she is a positive and happy role model in my life. Since she graduated from SUNY Oswego, she's been doing a few different things but has recently developed her own online marketing company called Simply Franee Marketing.

When I asked Franee what she does in this business I was shocked at the extensive list she sent me! Not only does she help maintain your online presence, but she also provides lots of advice on maintaining, and promoting, your brick and mortar, OR online business! If you are in need of someone to help you learn the ropes of social media, Franee can teach you all of the ins and outs of this sometimes intimidating venture into the online world.

Here's what she told me:
  • It is my job to handle your social media networks, and really boost your business. I handle social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. I am familiar with all the major social networks. 
  • From internet marketing, social media networking, and promoting your business, I can give you back some free time by doing all this for you. 
  • As a social media manager, I am not taking away you’re glory as a business owner, I am simply giving you an even better image that you can bask in, however you do not have to do anything. You hire me and I take care of it.
  • I simply act as an assistant to you by doing your busy work in promoting, sharing photos and info, making more clientele/fans, and getting the word out for you.
  • I additionally handle website creation/updating. If you have a website and would like it tweaked or updated more often, I am capable of doing that. Or maybe you don't have a website, I can create one for you, on your own budget. 
  • I tailor my prices to your businesses, but set a price for those to work off of if they cannot afford that price. I am simply here to help in anyway I can and I genuinely care about the businesses I market for. 
  • With a degree in Communication Studies, high interest in Interpersonal Communication, I will be able to effectively and appropriately communicate with you, and your online audience in a professional yet personable way.
     Franee's main focus at SUNY Oswego was communication, so this new direction does not surprise me! She's always been a "people person" and has one of the most positive and optimistic outlooks on life so I can't imagine her doing something that wouldn't allow her to let these strong qualities shine through.

You can read more about Franee's new business venture at her business blog:


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