Some Cute Tin

I got the sweetest tin on Ebay recently that featuring adorable little song birds and bird houses. I made the necklace above,  for my friend Tara. She picked out the bird and I riveted 2 discs together, and included a sweet pewter leaf charm from my friends at Green Girl Studios.

I'm thinking of making more pendants like this for my Tin Snippets section of the webstore. whatya Say?

Here are some of the toggles and a pendant I made from the same tin. These are now available for sale in the webstore. LoreleiEurtoJewelry

double sided pendant!


  1. You turned your Ebay find into very cute pendants! Good eye!

  2. These are so sweet without being way too cute.

  3. What a score with the tin. You've transformed it!


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