Weekend Woes

The weekend flew by, as always! It was nice to take a break from jewelry and actually work on my home. I did laundry. I cleaned up the bookshelves in the office, cleaned out the linen closet, creating over 6 bags of stuff that I'll drop off at the Salvation Army this week. It feels good to purge and do some things that I have been wanting to accomplish, pretty much all summer long.
I just wish I had more time.

I am glad to see that so many readers truly enjoyed my Inspiration Strikes post on Friday! I think it might be fun to do this maybe once every week or every other week. Will try to strive for this!!

Today, while football is on, I went up to the studio and broke my no-work rule on a Sunday, but kept it simple and made a few pretty girly earrings for my shop.

  These are both available for sale in the webstore. Here's the link!

This week I'll be frantically getting prepared for one of the biggest shows of the season, Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs NY.  I'll be posting a lot of jewelry on FB but probably won't be listing any of it. If you see things there that you want to purchase, please do inquire - as I may be able to part with it before the weekend show.  Here's my Facebook link in case we aren't friends there yet.


  1. Love these earrings! Enjoy what's left of your weekend. Best of luck at your show.

  2. so pretty and minimal (a genre i have no clue about). your inspiration post was phenomenal! more!

  3. These earrings are so sweet! It's amazing the inspiration that a football game can cause...!


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