Salt Market, Syracuse NY

Yesterday I went to Syracuse to check out the Salt Market, a local artisan market featuring about 17 vendors. I wanted to see what it was all about because I have applied 2 times now and have yet to get in.  So I just wanted to see what types of jewelry they had there and what the scene was like. I was truly impressed!! What a great collection of really talented people! I felt like I was in a big city event like the ones I've seen featured online like Renegade.

The jewelry was phenomenal. I saw a lot of great metalwork, some wood, leather jewelry, and even glass. Every booth was beautiful and of course I got sucked in and bought a few things.

 A gorgeous collection of pottery from Jen Gandee! Jen was friendly and you could just see her passion in each and every piece! I chose this cute tumbler (I've started collecting tumblers- so if you see any cute ones let me know!) and a sweet pendant with the same beautiful colors.  I can't wait to create a piece around this gorgeous component!

I fell head over heels for the jewelry from Penelope Rakov. I wanted this awesome necklace too but had already blown my budget by the time I had gotten to her booth. We chatted for a while and she was so very friendly and accommodating! I can't wait to save my pennies so I can finally get a necklace. These coral earrings are great too, with her signature Murrini caning technique! She has a great video on her website showing the process!

 It was awesome to say Hi to my online FB friend Helen of Secret Lentil Clothing. She's got the best fingerless gloves and I got a new pair with some pretty detailing on the wrists.  Gorgeous colors! She is always so fun to chat with.

Another great jewelry artist I found was Marisa Krol of Interstellar Love Craft Jewelry. Really cool matte finish on her pieces, and I saw quite a few things I could see myself wearing of hers, on a daily basis. But I did buy this amazing O ring. I absolutely love it!

Some other really great vendors that I saw that you should check out are:
The Knotty Owl, Smock Paper, Lisa Barker Photography LostGirl MetalworksLaurel O'BrienSophia Sophia, Hannah Graeper Pottery


  1. That sounds like a place I need to visit, the pieces you bought are beautiful! And thank you for sharing these wonderful artist! I have never been disappointed with any referrals from you and I have passes them on to others!

    Thanks again,

  2. What a great post! I love seeing the work and hearing about the artists in the Salt Market.You showcased some really amazinging pieces and went home with a few too! I personally think your work should have gotten in too. Don't quit trying!

  3. What extraordinarily beautiful things. The murrini process is fascinating. I've always had a soft spot for hot glass work.

  4. Always fun to find new artists and see their work. I love the tumbler. But the color in the coral earrings is stunning. I love em. I hope they eventually give you a booth. Your work is amazing. Good luck.

  5. Too cool! I can imagine why you'd want to be part of all that! :) What awesome finds... the video of the cane pulling was definitely eye opening. :)

  6. That sounded like it was awesome! You should keep trying to get in you are so unique and your creations are beautiful

  7. Sounds like a great show and looks like you had some fun! ;) Love what you bought, especially the matte gold ring. Matte metal is my favorite to work with.


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