Yeah, so This happened...

You just never know what is going to transpire in the studio and some things just happen accidentally. I created this cool asymmetrical necklace with one of Jade Scott's new wreath pendants that just came in the mail today. I had all sorts of visions when I first saw these online but what ended up happening was much different than I had imagined. Even Better!

I finished the necklace with the pendant and when I took a close look at the finished product, my initial thought was, it needs something else. Something in the center of the wreath. I know I know. That kind of contradicts the idea of it being a wreath. But just hear me out.

I started playing around with different types of components like charms and beads, thinking of interesting ways to attach the whatever to the center. I thought about chain. I grabbed some scrap beading wire and was thinking I could somehow attach something inconspicuously in the center.

 I found this bronze bird in my Green Girl bin- it's actually the toggle half of a clasp. But it has a shank on it and that worked perfectly with my beading wire idea.

Here's how I did it.

I strung 1 brass faceted bead to the center of a piece of beading wire. Thread the two ends through the shank on the bird toggle, like so.

i hope my sparkly nail polish doesn't blind you. 

Pulled the wire up so that the bead sits flush against the shank.

See what I did here?  Strung a crimp tube on each wire, and then I passed each wire up through the jump rings on either side on the pendant, and back down through the crimp tubes, and crimped them carefully. To keep the wires from poking the skin at the back of the pendant, I pass the wires back down through the shank and trimmed them with wire cutters.

I think it was a huge mistake SUCCESS!