Christmas Party

I know, this isn't typically like me- these pretty blingy beads- but they were speaking to me today when I went to Michael's, and I really like how they remind me of a fancy Christmas party.  It's always nice to have some sparkle in your jewelry box.  These are listed for sale in my webstore now!


  1. These are all so pretty! I LOVE them together like this and how festively you have styled them. Puts me right in the mood. You are good! ;) I think we are all into a little more bling this time of year. I'm into sparkle in general way more than I ever used to be. Ah, some thing's change. Thought of you today. I mention your interview in The Beading Glass on my blog today.

  2. When I saw them earlier I thought gee...she's thinking holidays and bling!

  3. So cute! That blingy are so perfect for Christmas occasion.. It really looks like a shining diamonds.

  4. Πολυ ωραια ειναι!!!!

  5. These are all super cute! Absolutely perfect for the holidays.


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