Extension for C Koop Book challenge

Uh oh. This is my C Koop book. Empty as can be! So I'm voting for an extension!  If it is alright with the other participants, I would like to extend this deadline til December 13. Those of you who have sent in your projects, THANK YOU!  Those of you who possibly needed to drop out of the running, here's a second chance! And those of you, like me, who waited til the last minute to do this project, we'll have a few more weeks to procrastinate!

If you are finished with your project, please do not share via social media until after the 13th.  Keep sending me your stories and photos to my email LJEurto@gmail.com

I sincerely hope that inspiration hits me soon for this project!

I will try my best to contact everyone on the list directly - hopefully you'll see the news here or Facebook.


  1. Can't wait to see all of the results! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Works for me! I finished mine, but I'm not as happy with the pictures as I'd like to be, so this will give me time to take better ones.

  3. yes... Now I can take better photos.... ty ty ty


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