Last Chance

Setting up for my Open House jewelry sale tomorrow! I have this unsettling feeling that no one is going to show up so to distract myself I am throwing myself into decorating and will just try to keep my mind off of that thought.

Setting everything up in the dining room/ living room. Last year I set up in the back family room and had the food in the dining room but I like it better when everything is all in one spot. So above you see the panoramic view of the whole room. Gotta love that iPhone option!

I even set up a little check out station using my old Sewing machine table.  I like the set up. I am trying my best to keep the cats away from it. They are finally napping so we should be good for the rest of the afternoon. Tonight, overnight, is another issue.  Won't be putting out the jewelry til tomorrow so at least they won't break anything that I want to sell.

If you are in the area, please please stop by even if it's just to say Hi!  Otherwise poor Joe will have stoked the fire in that fireplace for nothing!


Wine will be served.
and Vodka if that's your cup o' tea.


Both of my online stores will be closed this evening for the weekend so if you had your eye on something, now is the time to snag it!


  1. Good luck! May you be swamped with customers! ;)

  2. Good luck - hope you make lots of sales! :)

  3. Looks lovely. I am sure you will be very busy. Have a great time!!

  4. Hope you sell out sissy! Looks great! Have a glass of wine and fun for me! :)

  5. Good luck! Set up looks great!

  6. good luck! if I lived anywhere near you ... I'd be first in the door!

  7. Good Luck wish I was closer. Know the feelings your having, it will be a success!

  8. Anonymous11/08/2013

    I'm sure you'll get loads of customers! If I lived nearby I'd be there for sure!

  9. Oh! I really want to come and hoped I could; alas my husband has play rehearsal for both of his shows tomorrow--darn it. Good luck--have a blast!


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