Handmade Holiday Open House

I am hosting a Handmade Holiday Open house with 3 other local artisans tomorrow (Thursday) night from 5-8pm. We all chatted at the Indie Garage Sale last weekend about having a little impromptu open house to cross-promote our shops and make a little extra cash before Christmas! Perfect idea!

Sarah Walker of essential8 will be there with her fantastic line of 8 ingredients or less home and body products. She was recently featured in a local tv show talking about her products. You can see it here!

Amber Spadea of Tumblewool will be there selling a few of her goodies, woolen goods, felted wool dryer balls, yarn and felted soaps! Amber was also featured on that same show with Sarah - You can usually find them exhibiting at all the local shows together in one booth because they go so well together!

Ann Cough is the owner/artist for heart felt. Another really talented gal who creates awesome home decor and sweet personal gifts.

We are each providing a bottle of wine and an appetizer, or two! I am making these fun snacks from Pioneer Woman, and possibly something sweet if I can swing it tomorrow.  One of the best things about hosting an open house with other people is that you will get to share in the cooking responsibilities! 

We're also asking for food donations that we will take to a local food bank. If guests bring 3 non-perishables, they'll get 10% off their purchases for the evening!

If you are in the local area and want to stop in for some lovely snacks, wine, great atmostphere, fun with friends, and a nice no-pressure last minute shopping extravaganza, please do! Doors open at 5pm!


  1. I hope that you have a great time at your house party it sounds like so much fun and I would love to do something like that but I am the only one with a big enough house and I have a menagerie of critters.

  2. I hope you all have a great time, lots of fun, and lots of sales. To bad I'm not in the neighborhood (not even near...the Netherlands) so I cannot visit. Ah well, perhaps one day.
    Have fun, Janine


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