Handmade Holiday Open House

I almost forgot to share some pictures from that sweet little Handmade Holiday Open house I hosted last week! We had the BEST time.  I had plenty of room for our 4 tables- Ann brought her handmade decorative goodies, Sarah's table was chock full of her essential8 line of home and body products, Amber brought a load of dryer balls, and some felted wool soaps, and my table of course, had a bunch of jewelry!

Each of made a great tasty snack to share! We had BBQ Sausage in the crock pot, some bacon and cheese pinwheels, salsa and chips, Cheesy stuffed sweet peppers, and yummy turtle bars. We had lots of wine too!

In all I think we had about 25-30 people come through, throughout the 3 hour opening.  Great way to cross-promote each other, meet new friends,  and create a nice easy laid-back shopping experience for the holidays! I highly recommend sharing your open house with a few crafty artist friends!

 Amber of Tumblewool

Here is Sarah of essential8 checking out some jewelry!

 Sarah's booth, essential8

 Ann's booth heart felt goodies


  1. Such a great idea! Looks like it would be a lot of fun. I would love to do something like that around here. I see a lot of goodies that would make great gifts! Merry Christmas to you, Miss Lorelei! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Looks awesome, I hope you had a great turn out! Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks like a great idea. You had a nice turnout. Happy holidays!

  4. Lots of good stuff there. I enjoyed seeing the various displays. My friend and I were going to host a holiday show but it just didn't happen with so much going on. Thanks for sharing!


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