Links are up for the C Koop Beads Book Challenge

I am so sorry for the delay in getting this email up finally! Remember how I hosted a little challenge with Sara of C Koop Beads' enameled book components? Well the entries have all been submitted and a winner will be picked at some point today! Check back to see the results!

Here is a link list of the participants that have gotten something made. Unfortunately with the busy Christmas holiday upon us, I was unable to participate! :(  I am so disappointed in myself but sometimes that's just the way the Christmas cookie crumbles.

Enjoy hopping through to see everyone's beautiful work!


Linda :

Here is Linda's story:
I love the things in my life that stay the same – my marriage, working at the family business, Summer weekends at the cabin and our traditional Fall camping trip.  Imagine my delight when my book cover came in the very colors of that favorite weekend.

The camping trip is to Bayfield WI – the campground is on the Lake Superior.  The trip strengthens our family ties bringing everyone together.  It nourishes reltionships between the young and okld, it keeps cousins up to date.  Conversations around the campfire bring out stories and opinions.

This past year was my 38th trip.  I have many, many memories and as many photos.  The book contains a photo of me my first trip at the young age of 20 and ends with a photo of my children and grandchildren.  The colors reflect my love of Fall and that perfect camping trip.

My local bead store is Bead Monkey in Edina MN – I purchased the Togle and two of the colors of Seed beads.

Mischelle (waiting for her link) 

Here is Monica's necklace, called My Grandmother's Garden! Monica shared her story behind her necklace:

Behind my grandmothers house lies an unyielding adventure, the orchard. Two little owl sculptures poke out amongst the berry bushes and the pepper trees, on the steps leading into the orchard. The tall pine trees of Christmas past, blend peacefully into the fruit and mulberry trees. The orchard floor is a brambleing mess of potato plants and blackberry bushes. They push into endless weeping vines that run across the sand stone steps, snaking across the diving walls and into the wild. Inside the warm glow of greens and earth tones are sparking beads of dew that tickle off the leaves. Fond memories of my tiny hands trying to find fairy's in the dew drops...The necklace before you is my grandmothers garden, the colors, coziness and the earthy vibe bring back those childhood memories...

Local bead shop used: Discount Beads Inc. Las Vegas, NV czech beads, gold stone beads, agate and crackle glass.
Julianna Cannon of StudioJuls from Etsy for lamp work rondells

Here is a close-up of the focal!