Party weekend

This past weekend was a bit crazy as we hosted our annual Christmas party for friends. I'd say it was a GREAT turnout with almost 30 people there! We offered up some great food like cheesburger dip, stuffed mushrooms, a jello dessert, sausage and peppers, pepperoni bread etc etc.  We had a blast playing our classic trivia game, giving the winners bottles of wine. that they forgot to take with them. :)
And then I did a gift raffle- giving out prizes like earrings, a necklace, a candle, some gorgeous ornaments, a dunkin donuts gift card, bottle of Captain Morgans.  I had such a blast with everyone.
Only have a few shots from that night.  Too busy canoodling to take any pics but these are some I stole from some guests.

and then my Sunday looked pretty much like this....