Being Crafty with Stamps

I had gotten a copy of Geninne Zlatkis' book on making your own rubber stamps a while ago. Finally got the chance to sit down and try it for myself! I started small, and practiced on a few using Geninne's templates in the back of the book.
I have to say, she makes it look so easy!  But after I made a few, I found that I picked up some tricks on what to do to make the carving process a little easier.

Buy better carving blocks. I had gotten this thin blue Speedball blocks from Hobby Lobby and they really crumbled when carving which made for a frustrating time.

I got some of the Moo Carve blocks from Dick Blick that she had recommended on her blog, and those worked 90% better. Still a few spots where the block crumbled- I wonder if the linoleum cutter I got was a little dull to begin with.

Another thing I discovered is that even though you think it might not be turning out like you thought it would, not as good as you thought, when stamping the stamp on paper, it's actually not that bad!
I like the little inconsistencies of the stamping- and ended up going back and cleaning my stamps up after they had been stamped once - is easier because the ink shows what spots need to be fixed.

The bird, bee, leaves, coral and bird are all from the templates in the book. I created the owl stamp- and can see in the print above, that it needs some help but it's still pretty cute.  The bird stamp has probably been the best one yet.

I also designed this kitty stamp in commemoration of the 2 shitbirds.   Cassius is on the left, dJango is on the left.

Definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon- very therapeutic. I have already made my own print, gift wrapping paper, and stamped print that I framed for a late Christmas gift.

I've got some ideas brewing for new stamp designs- and already have been commissioned from my friend Tara for a print for her house.

I have not been asked by the author to review this book.  I just think she is AMAZING. So Freakin Talented. And I can only dream of one day being as crafty as she is!


  1. Thanks for the info, I must get this book.

  2. Love the stamps that you created, especially the owl! I have this book in my Amazon wishlist and it sounds like it is a must buy for creative types. Glad to know you are enjoying it!

  3. These look fantabulous!! Something I want to try. Think of all the possibilities for etching, too.
    Another good book is Jenny Doh's Stamp It!

  4. Wow! I love the results you achieved. Making my own stamps is on my 'bucket list' of new techniques to try. I have the supplies and have played with them in the past. Right now I have loads of works in progress that need my attention first. (Including a late Christmas present!) Your kitty cat images are very cute. I'd love to see how you incorporate all these images in jewelry someday.

  5. Lorelei ~ sounds like you've been bitten by the stamp carving, printing bug :) Your kitty stamp is so charming! Another product that you may want to try is Safety-Kut, which can be purchased through Nasco or Daniel Smith. It is an artist grade carving block which is soft and easy to carve. I've used it for years and my stamps are still as good as the day they were caved. It comes in v. large pieces too. I mount these to foam core board and print with fabric paints or do paint stick rubbings onto fabric. Small stamps I've used to print on paper, fabric, and impress into paper clay or polymer clay. So many possibilities! I find the fastest, easiest way to proof a stamp is to use a sheet of thin computer paper over the stamp and do a rubbing with a kid's crayon. Try it, it works swift! Happy stamping.

  6. oh wow - love your stamps!!! The owl is perfect as is imho.

  7. Super cute! I love your kitties! XO


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